Chartership Chat

Chartership chat is a Twitter conversation held every two weeks using the hashtag #chartership. 


It started in February 2012 and has been running every other Thursday evening, initially just a broad discussion, but now with specific topics.


Following resources can be used to keep up to date with chats:


TAGS file for collating #chartership #Aclip #Certification #Cerpowrimo and #chapowrimo tweets here: [TAGS archive] and [TAGS Explorer]


Topsy -


Specific chats that have been collated are below 


Date Topic Archive link  Write up link 
16th February 2012 Anything goes!
1st March 2012  Anything goes! 
15th March 2012  Collecting and organising evidence 
29th March 2012  Writing your evaluative statement 
12th April 2012  Mentor-mentee relationship

26th April 2012 CILIP Future Skills project    
10th May 2012 Anything goes!    
24th May 2012 Reflection 
7th June 2012      
21st June 2012      
3rd July 2012 Anything goes!
2nd August 2012 Anything goes!    
16th August 2012 Anything goes!    
26th October Anything goes!
27th November Anything goes! 
4th April Anything goes!
25th April Anything goes!
16th May Anything goes!
30th May Anything goes!
12th June Anything goes!
4th July Anything goes!
15th August Anything goes!
12th September Anything goes!
26th September PKSB
7th November 2013 Anything goes  

Write-up coming soon....



5th December 2013 Personal statements

16th January 2014 Anything goes
13th March 2014 Anything goes


3rd April 2014 PKSB
15th May 2014 Anything goes 
3rd July 2014 Anything goes 
25th September 2014 Anything goes
12th January 2015 Anything goes
30th March 2015 Anything goes 
24th April 2015 Getting started